Corey Dean Images is a small up and coming photography brand currently based in Prattville, Alabama. Although small, this new brand is backed by ten years of experience in the booming industry. My name is Corey Nielsen. I have had a passion for a variety of artistic mediums since I was in middle school. I was originally born in Northern Utah until my family transported to Central Alabama in 1996. Time has taken it's course and I have grown to become a proud southerner. I work full time during the day as a sales representative for an aircraft parts company. I have been with the company for nine years and worked my way up from baling hay and running barb wire fences. Photography has only been a hobby for a long time. Although, I do work full time at a job that I love I finally decided it was also time pursue my passion as well. Here is to many evenings and weekends dedicated to bringing you more works by me.


Corey Dean Images has a goal to photograph a variety of subjects and events. We do not seek to specialize in a particular photography field, but to specialize in the artistic expression of photography itself. I want to be able to go straight from the duck holes to the wedding venues and always capture the beauty. Having a long list of habits and interest over the years has enabled me to build an appreciation few can relate to. I started doing photography as a hobby at 16 years of age. I had multiple art classes throughout high school that taught me how to use those different mediums. My teacher constantly suggested I try my hand at photography, and that is when my photography began.





752 Buena Vista Loop
Prattville, AL 36067